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Pigmentation Treatments

Glass Glow Hydro Peel Facial

This innovative treatment is a cocktail of Powerful Hydro Facial, Our Signature Peel, LED Mask and Infusion for Maximum Effectiveness and Hydration. Achieve the coveted “glass skin” look with plump, moisturized and smooth skin. Say goodbye to dull, dehydrated skin and hello to a radiant complexion. 

The Glass Glow Hydro Peel Facial has 8 steps for rejuvenated skin:

  • Cleanse & Peel
  • Extract & Hydrate with Hydro Machine
  • Lymphatic Drainage
  • Customised Infusion to cater your skin needs
  • Electroporation Infusion
  • Hydrating Mask
  • LED Mask
  • Hydration & Protection

$250 for one session but best results are achieved over a course of treatments

Dermapen 4 - Microneedling

Dermapen4 is the original microneedling pen, which uses the latest technology to improve the look of wrinkles, scars, pigmentation, stretch marks and more. While all microneedling devices have been designed to boost the collagen and elastin production in the skin by stimulating a healing response, the outcome you’ll achieve will greatly differ depending on the device and technique used. When it comes to an in-clinic device (which go deeper into the skin than home rollers), this is where the unique benefits of the Dermapen 4 come in.

Microneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy, is a simple, painless, and effective treatment for various skin concerns like wrinkles, pigmentation, acne, scarring, and stretch marks. It involves using a small device with tiny needles to create microscopic punctures on the skin, stimulating natural healing and producing fresh collagen and elastin. Active solutions with beneficial ingredients are then applied to maximize results.

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$300 for one session but best results are achieved over a course of treatments.

Green Peel + Mela White Treatment

The Mela White Green Peel has been formulated to target pigmentation and uneven skin tone. A highly active blend of herbs and natural ingredients have been combined with a lightening solution to stimulate a de-pigmentation process, exfoliate the surface of the skin and gently lighten the skin tone. Incredible results can be seen very quickly with the Mela White Green Peel.


Conditions: pigmentation, blemishes, discolouration

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Once a Fortnight over 5 sessions, once a month treatment as a continued support.

Classic Green Peel - Renew Your Skin

Renew the skin! For new skin in just 5 days! You WILL be amazed! Younger skin in days!

The classic GREEN PEEL is ideal for problematic skin – large pores, impure skin, aged and sun damaged skin, scarring, hyper-pigmentation, sagging skin on the body & stretch marks too.

The CLASSIC treatment, consist of two treatments

Includes 2 facials and a take home kit.


Home Care Skincare Pack

The first is the GREEN PEEL 60min treatment using the classic method, then on days 2-5 you will follow strict home care instructions with your take home kit, and will experience some peeling over the next 3-4 days while the herbal peel continues to work,
Then on Day 5-6 you will return to the Bindu’s Brow +Beauty for a Beauty Finish 60min Facial, where we will nourish the skin and remove the remaining peeling skin and carry out a nice relaxing facial.

Depending on what we are treating and the severity, several treatments
may be necessary.

Recommend one peel every 4 weeks for 4-6 peels min. for optimum results

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Once a month

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