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Dr. Schrammek Green Peel Facial Treatments

The Original GREEN PEEL® herbal peeling has been a worldwide success for more than 60 years! Green Peel contains no chemicals!

The basis of this all-natural peeling treatment is a mixture of eight active herbs containing enzymes, minerals and vitamins. The Green Peel is massaged into the skin with varying degrees of pressure and herbal peel mixture potency, to help achieve the desired results for each individual client.

While some peeling agents on the market tend to thin the skin (not any peel procedures here at the beauty suite), the Green Peel helps to plump it up whilst encouraging collagen synthesis. The herbal peeling treatment will stimulate cell turnover by loosening the upper layers of the skin, increase circulation and provide a comedolytic effect for impure skin. The Green Peel will renew the skin while reducing wrinkles, lines, sagging skin, acne, scarring, pigmentation, blemishes, sun spots and even stretch marks on the body.

Express Fresh up Green Peel

Green Peel Express Fresh up.

Perfect for the introduction to Green Peel or when you are short on time.
Your skin is stimulated and refreshed with natural herbs, blood circulation is stimulated, pores open and your skin is left glowing!

Recommend one peel every week for 4-8 weeks for optimum results

Once a week over 5 weeks, continued support once a month treatment.

Green Peel for Acne Treatment/Clogged Skin.

The Freshness Kick. 

Problem Solver for impure Skin, Impurities, blackheads, pimples then it is the solution.

Recommend one peel every week as a course of 5-6 for optimum results.

Once a week over 5 weeks, continued support once a month treatment.

Energy Peel – Stimulate Your Skin

Stimulate the skin!

Highly effective curative treatment for improving circulation of pale,
sun-damaged skin/pigmentation, and correcting thick and callused skin or to diminishing fine lines & wrinkles. Reduces scarring, open/ clogged pores. Due to the activated circulation, you may experience some flakiness over the next couple of days.

Recommend one treatment every 14 days as a course for optimum results.

Once a Fortnight over 5 sessions, once a month treatment as a continued support.

Green Peel + Mela white Treatment

The Mela White Green Peel has been formulated to target pigmentation and uneven skin tone. A highly active blend of herbs and natural ingredients have been combined with a lightening solution to stimulate a de-pigmentation process, exfoliate the surface of the skin and gently lighten the skin tone. Incredible results can be seen very quickly with the Mela White Green Peel.


Conditions: pigmentation, blemishes, discolouration

Once a Fortnight over 5 sessions, once a month treatment as a continued support.

Classic Peel – Renew Your Skin

Renew the skin! For new skin in just 5 days! You WILL be amazed! Younger skin in days!

The classic GREEN PEEL is ideal for problematic skin – large pores, impure skin, aged and sun damaged skin, scarring, hyper-pigmentation, sagging skin on the body & stretch marks too.

The CLASSIC treatment, consist of two treatments

Includes 2 facials and a take home kit.

Home Care Skincare Pack

The first is the GREEN PEEL 60min treatment using the classic method, then on days 2-5 you will follow strict home care instructions with your take home kit, and will experience some peeling over the next 3-4 days while the herbal peel continues to work,
Then on Day 5-6 you will return to the Bindu’s Brow +Beauty for a Beauty Finish 60min Facial, where we will nourish the skin and remove the remaining peeling skin and carry out a nice relaxing facial.

Depending on what we are treating and the severity, several treatments
may be necessary.

Recommend one peel every 4 weeks for 4-6 peels min. for optimum results

Once a month.

Green Peel for Neck Lifting and Firming

Premature appearance of wrinkles – The first signs of aging of the neck and décolleté – Deep wrinkles – Low elasticity ​-Smoothing fine wrinkles -Fresh Complexion – Even skin tone – Less visible lines and wrinkles, firming & tightening of the skin.

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