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Art Of Threading & Waxing (Brows & Face) Men & Women

Perfect Brows Threading (Women) from $10
Perfect Brows Waxing (Women) from $12
Perfect Brows (Men) from $15
Upper Lips Threading from $6
Upper Lips Waxing from $8
Upper Chin Threading from $8
Upper Chin waxing from $10
Lower Chin Threading from $8
Lower Chin Waxing from $10
Forehead Threading from $8
Forehead Waxing from $10
Side Burns Threading from $14
Side Burns Waxing from $15
Nostril Waxing from $15
Nose Waxing from $8
Neck Threading from $12
Neck Waxing from $14
Full Face Threading (Including eyebrow up to upper chin) from $40
Full Face Waxing (Including eyebrow up to upper chin) from $45
Eyebrow + Upper Lips + Chin Threading from $22
Eyebrow + Upper LIps + Chin Waxing from $26