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3D-Lipo Laser Body Fat Reduction

Lipo Laser is one of non-surgical and our most popular cosmetic treatment for fat reduction and body contouring.Today’s busy lifestyles, processed food and excessive use of transport makes it harder to know how to get rid of the muffin-top, love-handles, double chin, jelly belly, saggy bum and wobbly thighs. Guys can suffer from excess oestrogen hormones, causing ‘man-boobs’ – exercise alone will not efficiently remove fat from this area.

The Lipolysis Laser Slimming System can help both men and woman to remove fat from:

  • Waist, inner and outer thighs and tips
  • Stomach
  • Back and buttocks
  • Arms
  • Knees, calves and ankles
  • Face, neck and under chin
  • Treat fatigue
  • Improve poor circulation
  • Improve metabolism

How does it work?

The lipo laser is a 100% non-invasive, laser-based, spot fat reduction and body contouring system. The lipolaser emits low levels of laser energy to safely and painless penetrate the skin and target specific fat cells (known as adipose), enabling the laser to stimulate the cell into releasing free fatty acids, water, and glycerol. These three compounds could be taken out of body by lymphatic and metabolism. Mixed with a balanced controlled diet and/or exercise, permanent fat loss is obtained


Is Lipo Laser treatment safe?

Lipo Laser treatment is a non-invasive treatment which delivers low energy via the laser to exact spot it is needed. Benefits of lipo laser treatmen are: No surgery No pain No downtime No dangerous side effects

How long will I see results?

You will see visible results almost immediately and your body contours will continue to improve day by day providing the fat loss within 60~90 days.