Spring Season And Dry Skin Problem


Spring signals the end of winter and marks the time when flowers start blossoming, leaves growing, and sun shining! It is indeed a beautiful time of the year.

But have you ever wondered what its effects are when it comes to your skin?

Spring is beautiful, but without the right practices in place, it can bring unwanted changes that reflect on your skin. As the season is characterized by an atmosphere with unstable climate, strong UV rays you should be able to come up with beauty rituals that can provide the best protection while keeping your skin radiant and glowing.

In spring, trees and plants begin to bud creating invisible airborne allergens like mould and pollen. For some people when their skin is exposed to these invisible airborne allergens it makes their skin sensitive.  If the skin is highly sensitive, it can trigger allergy-related itchiness and even eczema. The most readily affected areas for this to occur on the face are on the cheek and the skin surrounding the eye.

Changing weather from cold to warm results to increased humidity, while the blooming of flowers also contribute in making the skin extra sensitive and prone to flare ups or skin eruptions.

Skincare Tips to Overcome Your Spring Problems.

Update Your Skin need

The change in weather conditions also demands changes on your beauty product preferences. This spring get rid of the old beauty products and make way for the new ones to ensure that appropriate solutions will be provided for your current skin needs. During spring, it is best to switch to lighter skin care products especially when moisturizing your face.

Nourish Your Skin

Your skin needs a daily dose of nutrients to ensure that it will look good and radiant in spite of the weather changes. Ideally, nourish your skin with  great dose of antioxidant to help strengthen collagen, brighten complexion, and prevent wrinkling of the skin. It also helps smoothen the texture of the skin while facilitating wound healing to avoid scarring.

Hydrate and Protect

One of the most common problems experienced during spring is skin dryness and this can be prevented through proper hydration and protection. Use a balanced moisturiser with sunscreen protection formula to achieve a beautiful skin in one step. This will also help reduce the appearance of fine lines and prevent skin dryness by retaining skin moisture.


Gentle exfoliation can give your skin a healthy glow. Choose body scrubs with a natural formulation that can polish the skin, prevent buildup of dead skin cells, and remove debris from the previous season to reveal a smooth, clear, and gorgeous complexion!


When the cold chills begin to fade into clear warm sunny spring days and winter becomes a distant memory, now is the perfect time to shed old skin and renew skin cells with hydrating face masks minimum once every week.

Develop a Beauty Routine

During spring your beauty rituals can have a huge effect on how your skin will look, making it very important to engage in a beauty routine that effectively attends to your skin needs for this season. Moisturize after taking a bath and drink lots of water for a healthier complexion. It is also best to avoid wearing heavy makeup to allow your skin to breathe.

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