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Hair Care/Keratin/ Botox and Permanent Straightening

Prices can vary according to texture and length of hair .

Shampoo & ConditioingS- $10M-$15L-$20
Hair Spa TreatmentS-$70M-$80L-$90
Shampoo Post HeenaS-$20
Wash & Blow Dry SettingS-$45M-$55L-$65
Keratin Blow out Treatment (4-6 weeks)S-$90M-$100L-$120
Keratin Smoothening Treatment (3-5 months)S-$175M-$200L-$250
Personalised Keratin Smoothening (3-5months)S-225M-$250L-$275
Permanent Hair Straightening (Loreal)S-$225M-$275L-$325
Botox TreatmentS-$160M-$180L-$200